The International relations and contacts will be even more important with the development of economic globalisation. GTM Solution, as a global oriented company, provides you some services also in these matters.

GTM Solution – Services at the International Level

GTM Solution, as a modern service company for the International business processing between Russian / East European companies, supports enterprises by their projects, expansion of business activities in the CIS states and provides services for entry into new Russian markets.

Today International Contacts are of Great Importance for Business.

Together with our partners in Moscow, Orenburg, Ufa, Kazan or Kiew we organize or just inform you about numerous events, such as presentations, economic forums, symposia and trade fairs. There is a possibility to arrange an individual appointment for conversations with some representatives from politics, economy or science of russian regions. Forthermore, GTM Solution is at your side by the processing of your sales- and export business and is always ready to advice you in these issues.

GTM Solution informs you about different events in the Russian Federation, in East European States as well as in Germany and, if necessary, accompanies you to these. You can find some coming business events in the calender of events below.

We give you notice about international business activities. When you have some questions, please contact the marketing department of GTM Solution.

Trade Fair "Agro 2014" in Orenburg

GTM Solution would like to invite you to the forteen`s trade fair „Agro 2014“ as an exhibitor, a visitor or a participator in a round table on the subjects „Development of Russian Agricultural Sector and the International Partnership in this Area“. The trade fair takes place from the 26th till the 28th of March in SKK „Orenburjje“ (Prospekt Gagarina 21/1, 4600040 Orenburg). The program of „Agro 2014“ covers the following topics:

  • Agricaltural technology and equipment. Modern agrarian technology,
  • Technology of cultivation, harvesting and storage of agrarian products,
  • Facilities for handling, packaging and storage of agrarian products, for food industry and recycling,
  • Farming,
  • Protective substances and fertilizer,
  • Cattel breading and apiary,
  • Veterinary medicine and pharmaceutical products for cattel,
  • Technology for cattel breeding,
  • Animal feedstuff, supplements for animal feedstuff,
  • Agricultural facilities, buildings and constructions,
  • Raw material for food products and drinks,
  • Food products and ingredients,
  • Informationtechnology in agriculture.

Last year in „Agro 2013“ were exhibited companies from more than 30 Russian regions, as well as some companies from Germany and Italy. The visitors came almost from all CIS-States and some European countries. The region Orenburg is regarded as a leading region of agriculture in Russia. Thats the reason why the trade fair agricultural products is arranged already the forteens time exactely in Russian city Orenburg.

In order to advance the Russian agricultural sector, a lot of investment projects are planed. Russia plans in the next years a lot of development activities and investments in its agricultural sector in order to advance the agricultural technology and products. The inverstment projects include modernisation of agricultural facilities, purchase of new agricultural equipment and machines, building of new plants, implementation of new progressiv technology, generation of biogas and other. Thereby, is this Russian branch depends on the modern agrarian machines, equipment and another technology from abroad.

A participation in the trade fair „Agro 2014“ gives you versatile business oportunities to a small price. The service offer includes:

  • Participation in round tables, presentations, international cooperation talks,
  • Publikation of your company´s profile in printed catalog,
  • Translations (in case when you need it),
  • Organisationof individual talks in advance,
  • Drinks and meal during the fair.

Photogallery from the "Agro 2013" in Orenburg

The Representatives of Orenburg`s Government are Visitig "Agro 2013"

Some Samples of Agricultural Machines on Fairterritory

The Economic Forum about Development of Russian Agricultural Sector

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