- fast delivery of your consignment
- flexible planning
- full control of consignment during a carriage

Logistics Solutions in Russia, the CIS-States and Europe

Integrated logistics solutions are the development of optimal forwarding routes, effective management of procurement, transportation, warehousing and distribution of Your freight with minimal costs.

GTM Solution – Organization, Control, Provision and Optimization of Logistic Process in Russia, Germany and worldwide.

The company GTM Solution will take over the development and implementation of logistic solutions in all fields of a certain company. This can be a complex assignment or only a part of it. Logistic solutions are effective if they are tailored to the specific objectives and characteristics of the client. This is the approach we use in our daily work. We tailor our logistics services to our customers‘ needs and give the customers‘ problems absolute priority.

Do You want to be better as Your competitors? Then take a look at the list of our services in the field of business solutions and select the most appropriate services for Your business.

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