Oversized and heavy freight

The experts of GTM Solution work out the most efficient and convenient route for transportation of your consignment with the lowest costs.

Transportation of Oversized and Heavy Freight to Russia, Kasachstan, Ukraine

GTM Solution has an extensive experience in forwarding of various oversized and heavy freight: industrial equipment, metal constructions, machinery constructions, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, yachts and boats.

Our experts will provide you all services and help you in all issues concerning the transportation of oversized and heavy goods. Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo from long goods also has specific characteristics and requires a comprehensive approach in the organization.

One of the most important tasks here is the correct selection of transportation vehicle for forwarding of abnormal load. Besides, it is significant to fasten safely the abnormal goods. Experts of the company GTM Solution determine which option is the best for the type and parameters of your oversized cargo, will make all the necessary measurements, take into account all the peculiarities, as well as provide loading works and on the destination place also unloading works.

Before transporting oversized and heavy consignment specialists of GTM Solution study the routes of freight transportation, choose the most appropriate transportation mode and coordinate the routes. Our employees know how to reach reliable conditions for transportation of the most demanding freight. If necessary, we will accompany your abnormal load and will insure it.

Project transportation is one of the most complicated ways of delivery. When transporting abnormal loads, it is often necessary to implement engineering projects to ensure the safe carriage. It can include road- and other construction works. As a consequence, the number of permits and approvals from various authorities increase.

The practice shows that the transportation of project loads are becoming currently more popular among the customers, although this mode of transportation is the most difficult at the organization. Project transportation is a single set of services, such as use of a big number of different vehicles, exact planning of loadings and daily monitoring.

Maksim Tarasenko Consultant
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