Processing of documents

- Efficiency in customs clearance with strict compliance of norms and regulations
- Attention and confidence relations to all our customers
- Professional expertise which is confirmed through the long successful praxis on the market of customs clearance services.

Professional Customs Clearance for delivery to Russia and CIS-States

GTM Solution offers comprehensive customer services including not only customs clearance, but also preparation of all necessary documentation and permissions of governmental organs. Our company will help you to calculate the amount of customs duties and other charges relating to the customs clearance. We use the service of electronic declaration and can contribute to decisions on the establishment of time zones of customs control and customs clearance in such zones.

We can offer you qualitative and up-to-date customs services concerning customs clearance for import and export of goods and different freights.

Our distinctive features are the efficiency in customs clearance with consideration of all norms of customs legislation, consideration of all needs of clients and competence confirmed by many years of successful practice in the market of customs services.

Filling of customs declaration

Working with GTM Solution, you can be sure that you are dealing with the reliable company and the qualified staff. We are making customs clearance for our customers many years and have gained a solid experience in customs clearance of various types of freights. Proper filling of customs declaration is the only way for those who want to forward the freight without any complications and we are ready to assist you in this matter.

Customs clearance

GTM Solution offers you a full range of services of customs clearance of goods which are delivered by any type of vehicle.

Customs clearance is one of the most important and complicated phases in the process of import-export operations.

Professionally, competently, pure-filled customs- and transport documents are the key to success in both: in clearing customs transitions in transit countries as well as in the clearance of cargo at the point of destination.

Customs clearance is one of the main fields of operations of GTM Solutions. From the entire spectrum of services our professional staff will select the most appropriate variant for declaration of your consignment. We provide the following customs clearance services:

  • A full set of customs clearance services for import and export;
  • Carnet TIR, opening by export from the EU and closing by import in the EU;
  • Customs documents: EX1 / EX-A / EX1 / EX-A / T1 / T2 / IM-A;
  • Fragmentation of customs declarations according to the lots of consignment;
  • Transport documents, CMR, packing lists, specifications;
  • Payment of customs duties, VAT by imports into the EU;
  • Operations in European electronic customs system «ATLAS»;
  • Guaranteed delivery of closed EX1 for your suppliers;
  • Export confirmation in case of loss by client / consignor of EX1;
  • Solving of arising complications with suppliers of goods;
  • Neutralization of documents in case of change of goodsowners;
  • Responsible warehousing (our warehouse is under video surveillance around the clock);
  • Consolidation of your consignment;
  • Repacking of consignment, its neutralization;
  • Recount of goods, control of incoming goods before its shipment.

In addition, GTM Solution undertakes customs clearance of goods and provide other brokerage services in this field. Our team will consult you on general and specific issues of customs clearance, will help you in preparing and fulfillment of documents and, if necessary, will provide additional logistics services.

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