Realized projects

GTM Solution organized 2013 more than 11 comprehensive projects on the commercial and federal level. These were the projects for transportation of the whole plants, equipment and different technology.

Our successfully realized projects. Forwarding of goods to Russia, Kasachstan and Ukraine.

GTM Solution has realized more than twenty international projects of oversized and heavy freight transportation during the last two years. The completed logistic projects were accomplished for commercial enterprises like „Claas“, „John Deere“, „Komatsu“ et al. and for state institutions. The comprehensive projects of forwarding to Russia, Kasachstan and Easdtern Europe required a lot of efforts and also commitment of our logistic department. But that was worth it.

While realizing the projects, our customers were constantly informed about the process of transportation, some other logistic services and loading status, it means where the goods are located at a certain moment of time. Of cource we give you some advices about possible money- and time savings.

The aims of finished projects were sale and export of heavy and bulky machines and equipment, as wall as its srorage and handling. In case of such considerable projects in Russia or other CIS-States you can rely on the GTM Solution, while we have a lot of experience and practical knowledge in this field. Our constantly growing customer base consists largely of companies from agricultural sector, automotive-, metal-, chemica industry and road construction area.

In the photogalery you can see some of our projects from the yaers 2012 and 2013. The greatest reward for GTM Solution are anyway satisfied customers, who entrust us again with execution of their orders.

GTM Solution – Transportation of Oversized Freight to Russia, Belgorod, 2012.

GTM Solution – Special Machines "Stehr" for Road Construction and Underground Works. Kazan, 2012.

GTM Solution – Tractors "Case". Transportation to Russia.

GTM Solution – Transportation of Beet Harvesters of the Company "Ropa" to Kazan.

GTM Solution – Railway Transportation to Siberia. January, 2013.

GTM Solution – Transportation of "Verderstad" to Kazan.

GTM Solution –Multimodal Transportation to Vladivostok.

GTM Solution – Transportation of Agricultural Technics of "John Deere".

GTM Solution – Multimodal Transportation to Russian Region Orenburg.

GTM Solution – Transportation of Lifting Equipment to Ukraine. July, 2013.