GTM Solution is a certified company, that is up to the international quality standards ISO 9001, the world`s most recognized management standards.

The Quality Management System and Certification according to ISO 9001

The company GTM Solution GmbH is aiming constantly at perfection and quality raise of its services in the field of logistics. 2014 our international company has got a quality certificate ISO 9001, the document that confirms a high, correspondent service-level according to the international standards.

The received certificate is a confirmation of the work quality, as well as qualification of employees. Our partners know it from their own experience. That’s why companies from various fields of operation privilege our logistic services. The evidence of this fact is a big number of realized projects in Europe, Russia, in the CIS-States and worldwide.

Certification according to ISO 9001:2008

For the security of high-quality process level in the company´s structure, a group of responsible employees for QMS was set. They control an adherence to the strict norms, the right execution of work by all departments and monitor a systematic service quality improvement to the standards of ISO 9001.

In the modern conditions of market economy, the quality of products and services is the most important aspect for development, competitiveness and results achievement. Companies, which are working according to the international standards, gain a customer acceptance, a business confidence and have a good reputation. Especially in the international business, the QMS furthers an effective control of the company and influence productivity and sustainable development.