Groupage freight

Groupage freight is a perfect solution for small consignments.
It has low costs in comparison with other modes of transportation due to the fact, that the whole loading area is used.

Groupage freight for delivery to Russia and the Eastern Europe

Groupage freight is the most appropriate solution for small consignments. Groupage freights are relatively small consignments whose owners are different legal or physical persons. Delivery of cargoes is carried out using the same transportation vehicle or container. At the last time groupage freight is becoming more and more popular because transportation of such loads can be efficient and profitable for participants in international trade due to the low costs in comparison with other types of forwarding. This is reached by the optimal use of space for transportation.

GTM Solution works out the most effective ways of forwarding and solves the most complex problems of transport logistics. Experienced forwarders, drivers, professional packers and loaders provide high level of service. We are also pleased to offer our customers «door to door» services for groupage freight. Through an extensive network of partners, we are able to communicate directly with the consignor anywhere in the world and solve all the issues related to loading and shipment of goods. This greatly simplifies the whole work and allows avoiding unnecessary costs related to downtime and other unforeseen inconveniences during the forwarding.

The services of GTM Solution in this regard include:

  • Forwarding of groupage freight from the place of shipment to the consolidation warehouse
  • Handling and storage of groupage freight
  • Transport of consignment to the customs
  • Organization of customs clearance
  • Transportation of groupage freight to the destination place.

The economic effect of the use of this form of forwarding is increased by competitive prices and flexible system of discounts.

Maksim Tarasenko Consultant
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