The main advantage of consolidation is a considerable saving of costs.

Professional Consolidation in our Warehouses

If the size of your cargo makes it irrational to transport it with truck or container, the solution is consolidation of consignment. Freight consolidation is a collection of consignments from multiple consignor and subsequent forwarding in one vehicle. If necessary, we provide crating, fixing and additional packaging of load. Warehouse stuff packs each load of consignment and prepares it for further transportation. Using our consolidation warehouse in Germany, we provide the most rapid collection and forwarding of small loads.

Experience, skills, proven partners, use of modern technologies allow us in minimal period of time provide you services of export or import from any country in the world “from the door of consignor to the door of consignee”. In collaboration with our partners we can accomplish an entire paperwork and support services like packaging, labeling, palletizing, export procedures, consolidation and delivery to the consignee in the required time and in required amount.

We are ready to deliver goods directly to your warehouse from the company of your supplier in Europe or our consolidation warehouse in Germany and make the customs clearance of the loads.

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